This week in Open Source at Mainmatter #1

Screenshot of Ember simple auth


This week our senior software engineer Tobias Bieniek did a little bit of design work on, the Rust package registry. The website now has a new page footer and a cute little 404 page:



ESA 4.0: Refactored internals of the addon to use Ember’s dependency injection, making things simpler and easier to test. Successfully removed a lot of code, and simplified tests setup.

ESA 4.1: implemented a session #setup method. The methos represents a first step to migrating from custom initializers, it excludes the application route that ESA adds automatically and that is causing build issues for embroider and typescript users.


anchorMainmatter's playbook

Added more detailed information regarding issue preparation.

Team member leaning against wall taking notes while talking to three other team members

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