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It takes brains to develop a no-brainer. At Mainmatter we teach, cross-pollinate and collaborate with our clients to develop digital products and practices they can build on.
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Mainmatter enabled us to take our Product Development Organization to the next level. They work closely with our team and help us establish new practices while simultaneously delivering on our day to day product initiatives. Their technical and organizational expertise and fresh views allow us to set up the foundation for future success.
Jürgen Witte, CPO at Rail Europe


Our skillset is based on a core set of technologies that cover architecture, backend and frontend development with:

Rust is a competitive advantage

Svelte is the future of frontend development

Elixir and Phoenix: The best of all worlds

We're veteran Ruby and Ruby on Rails experts

Ember is our expertise

Workshops & Training

We teach teams how to build sustainable products, help them adopt new technologies, and set them up for long-term success.
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Why Mainmatter

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We are a team of developers, inventors, designers, strategists, artists and storytellers. We work remotely from 10 countries in Europe and we believe in recruiting top talents from any location.

That said, we still value face time. We frequently come together for team events and workshops, and invite our clients to join us as well. The team also frequently attends and speaks at international conferences and we host a series of conferences and meetups ourselves.

Upcoming events

    October 10, 2024


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