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Upgrades instead of rewrites

Give your codebase the necessary overhaul without the overtime

Updating your codebase shouldn’t stop your development in its tracks. With Mainmatter, you can take on legacy code and leave your technical debt behind – all while your team stays focussed on the roadmap. Our experts can take on the whole upgrade from the reviewing, planning and implementation – at a cost advantage over a complete rewrite later down the line. And we only call it a job well done when we leave your team with the know-how to keep up with future versions.
We’ll work with you to:


Assess and analyze the status quo.


Prepare a roadmap toward more recent versions that won’t interrupt your team’s flow.


Execute the updates in stages while training the team on the changes along the way.

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Update your software – and your know-how

Upgrading your codebase also means making sure your team is equipped to take advantage of the updates. Reworking the codebase goes hand-in-hand with mentoring the team to make sure everyone is familiar with the new patterns each new version brings.

Save costs (in the long run)

Technology is always iterating on itself – and that’s a cost on older technology. Conducting a complete rewrite will always be more expensive than a precise update. Our experience will ensure that the process will run smoothly without any surprises down the road.

Keep delivering on your roadmap

Leave the codebase to our experts so your team can keep delivering. We’ll work concurrently with your team to make sure that feature development doesn’t get stopped either by the update or outdated code.


Our skillset is based on a core set of technologies that cover architecture, backend and frontend development with:

Ember is our expertise

Elixir and Phoenix: The best of all worlds

We're veteran Ruby and Ruby on Rails experts

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Some projects that we helped modernize

Sage Software was being slowed down by its legacy code.

We worked with them to update and streamline their codebase so they could move forward.

mobi.MED needed to upgrade their old Ember codebase.

Our team applied both their expertise in the language and experience to get the work done efficiently.

Camilyo's codebase lacked tests which slowed down velocity.

We introduced solid testing practices and based on those, modernized the codebase.

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