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Rust puts teams miles ahead

Rust checks all the boxes – performance, efficiency, maintainability, and developer experience. Mainmatter enables teams to get access to those benefits by adopting Rust in their web projects.

Rust & Mainmatter

A unique skillset

Mainmatter has a unique combination of expertise both in building web applications as well as in Rust. We have built big web apps and mentored teams on design, backend and frontend with international clients such as Qonto, trainline, Experteer, and others. At the same time, we know the ins and outs of Rust. Several of our engineers have been on the team for years and we run workshops to teach others Rust.

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Mainmatter is a Silver Member of the Rust Foundation

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We run the EuroRust conference

EuroRust is the main conference for the European Rust community. EuroRust covers all things Rust and is part of the RustFest family of events.

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Workshop: Introduction to Rust for Web Developers

Our Rust workshop provides a smooth entry into the language for teams that are looking for leveraging Rust's capabilities in their web projects. We teach everything you need to know about the language and wider ecosystem to be able to write your own HTTP server in the end!
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The Rust logo in white on top of a photo of a rusty metal surface

Workshop: Web-based Services in Rust

Rust allows creating web services that are fast, reliable, and cost-effective. This workshop aims to guide you through the process of building web services using the ecosystem around the Tokio async runtime. You will learn how to make basic API calls, create advanced middleware layers to add functionality, and conduct tracing and testing.
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