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We teach teams like yours how to build sustainable products that work well today and keep working well tomorrow

Design system kickoff (interface inventory)

Create an interface inventory of your digital product, and align with your team on how to prioritize refactoring using a design systems methodology.

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Digital product strategy workshop

A clear product strategy is essential to get as much value as possible for your time and investment. In this workshop we will collaborate to formulate clear product vision, establishing a blueprint for your digital product’s development process. This workshop is a great kickoff for an MVP project.

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Effective Git

Git is at the center of modern pull request-based development workflows. Mastering it makes teams more productive and developers’ job more enjoyable.

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Hands-on Ember.js

Two or three days hands-on Ember.js workshop. We cover all relevant aspects of the framework from the CLI to routing and components, ember-data and testing.

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Rust for the Web

Two or three days Rust workshop. We cover all relevant aspects of the language and show how to leverage Rust for writing a high-performance web server.

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