Playbook : Build lasting products, systematically

Our playbook describes methodologies for building sustainable digital products and running an effective, collaborative product development process. It is based on experience we made working on projects with international clients in various industries for many years.

For big and small teams – on-site or remote

The patterns and practices from our playbook work for teams and companies of all sizes with all kinds of projects – whether it is an established company aiming for a modern, remote-friendly process, a founder setting up their own product team or an individual product manager, designer or developer looking to make their team more effective.

Our Core Values

  • Collaborating closely among all stakeholders
  • Iterating in small, functional increments
  • Validating assumptions early and often
  • Supporting remote teams through transparency
  • Delivering products with sustainable foundations

Organization of this book

Digital Product Projects

Iterating in small increments and validating assumptions at every step of the process allows addressing business needs with digital products effectively.

Development Process

Organizing and preparing work based on the input of all project shareholders maximizes a team's effectiveness and output quality.


We started working with simplabs to build a state-of-the-art mobile web app from the ground up and it was an absolute success! Not only are they web specialists, but their expertise in development practices and agile processes made our collaboration an absolute delight.

Carl Andersson, General Manager of Trainline international

From the book


Large tasks become better planable and less risky when decomposed into smaller units. This applies to full products that should be broken down into an MVP and subsequent increments but also for finer grained development or design tasks.

Transparent Communication

Transparent communication and decision making processes are key for successful projects. Channeling communication through tools makes it transparent to all stakeholders and keeps a persistent record of discussions and decisions which is critical in particular for remote teams.


We believe the classic project manager role is an organisational anti-pattern and advocate for self-organised project teams. Close and direct collaboration between all stakeholders fosters alignment towards a common goal and is essential to a project's success.

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simplabs is a digital product agency that crafts products for clients around the globe. We have our roots in the open source community (we’re the foremost Ember.js team in Europe) and create digital products for clients that value code quality, robustness, dependability and honesty.

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