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Build lasting products systematically

Our playbook

For big and small teams — on-site or remote

The patterns and practices in our playbook work for teams and companies of all sizes and all kinds of projects: whether it’s an established company aiming for a remote-friendly process, a founder setting up their own product team or individuals looking to make their team more effective.

  • Collaborating closely among all stakeholders
  • Iterating in small, functional increments
  • Validating assumptions early and often
  • Supporting remote teams through transparency
  • Delivering products with sustainable foundations
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Organization of this book

1. Digital product projects

Iterating in small increments and validating assumptions at every step of the process allows addressing business needs with digital products effectively.

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Organization of this book

2. Development Process

Organizing and preparing work based on the input of all project shareholders maximizes a team's effectiveness and output quality.

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