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is our expertise

We have been recognized as an official sponsor of the Ember.js project along with international brands like LinkedIn and Yahoo.

We love open source

We maintain a number of projects in the ecosystem that are widely adopted in the Ember community.

Ember simple auth

Authentication management for Ember.js applications.

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Ember test selectors

Enabling better element selectors in Ember.js tests.

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Ember cookies

Cookie handling for Ember.js apps - in the browser and FastBoot.

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Qunit DOM

High Level DOM Assertions for QUnit with an expressive API.

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Ember.js: The Documentary

Several of our team members appear in the Ember.js documentary. We were pleased to welcome the film crew at our office in Munich and again at EmberFest in Amsterdam.
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Conferences and talks

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Mainmatter engineers have spoken at all major Ember.js conferences and other events in the wider JavaScript community.

Ember.js is a project built by an open community, and we are an active member of that community. We run the Ember.js Europe Meetup with our partner Intercom and co-organize EmberFest , the European Ember Community Conference.

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View our talks and check out our calendar for the next events

We are trusted by international companies that bet on Ember.js

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