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simplabs has unique expertise and insights into Ember.js with a good part of our engineering team being on the Ember.js core team and maintaining widely adopted add-ons.

By offering Ember consulting and training, we help clients around the world to get the most out of Ember and build cutting-edge applications. We level up and help scale teams and support clients with reviewing codebases as well as identifying and overcoming impediments.

Project Sponsorship

We recently have been recognized as an official sponsor of the Ember.js project along with international brands like LinkedIn and Yahoo.

We love open source

Besides contributing to Ember.js via our core team engagements, we maintain a number of projects in the ecosystem that are widely adopted throughout the Ember community.

Ember Simple Auth

Authentication management for Ember.js applications.

Ember Cookies

Cookie handling for Ember.js apps - in the browser and FastBoot.

Ember Test Selectors

Enabling better element selectors in Ember.js tests.

Qunit DOM

High Level DOM Assertions for QUnit with an expressive API.

Ember.js: The Documentary

Several of your team members appear in the Ember.js documentary. We were pleased to welcome the film crew at our office in Munich and again at EmberFest in Amsterdam for shooting scenes.

We share our expertise

Every new project gives us the opportunity to learn and grow our expertise. We share what we learn with the community via talks at conferences, at meetups and on our blog.

Conference Talks

simplabs engineers have spoken at all major Ember.js conferences and other events in the wider JavaScript community.

Community Engagement

Ember.js is a project built by an open community and we are an active member of the community. We support the Ember.js Munich and Ember.js Berlin meetups and are co-organizers of EmberFest , the european Ember Community Conference.

Latest from our Blog

We are trusted by companies that bet on Ember


Generali approached simplabs when they were looking for support with an internal Ember.js project. We guided their team during the course of the project by teaching and establishing best practices until the project’s successful completion.


Qonto is the leading neobank for SMEs and freelancers in Europe. simplabs works with their web frontend team to boost their productivity, establish Ember.js best practices and ensure long term success.


Cardstack builds the experience layer for a decentralized internet. simplabs helped them complete their Card UI system and validate its abilities in various prototype projects, identifying and fixing some issues in their core framework along the way.

We help teams ship and become more effective

Ember Consulting

Not all teams will always be able to deliver large scale projects on time and budget. Our experts step in and merge with our clients' in-house engineering teams, sustainably increasing productivity.

Ember Training and Mentoring

We also tutor engineering teams and set them up for long term success by reviewing their code, guiding them through adopting new technologies, setting up a project or conducting workshops on various topics.

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