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Our Expertise: Ember

Ember is our expertise

We are long-time Ember experts and active contributors to the ecosystem. Our team of community leaders makes Mainmatter the foremost Ember consultancy.
Ember & Mainmatter

Europe's Leading Ember Team

Mainmatter has been an active member of the Ember community since the early days of the framework. Our veteran team has contributed substantially – both to Ember itself on various core teams as well as by creating and maintaining widely adopted packages. If you're working on an Ember application, you're already relying on code our team wrote and patterns we helped establish. We have worked with countless international clients over the years and helped them to succeed with Ember.

We are an official sponsor of the Ember.js project.

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EmberFest & Ember Europe

Fostering the Community

Mainmatter believes open source communities are valuable and we strive for being active community members. Our team regularly speaks at all of the relevant Ember conferences but also other conferences at which we pitch Ember to audiences from the wider frontend world. We've also been co-organizing EmberFest, the European Ember Community Conference for many years and run Ember Europe, a hybrid meetup series, together with our friends from Intercom.

We co-organize EmberFest, the European Community Ember Conference.

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We are trusted by international companies that bet on Ember.js

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The Embroider Initiative

Mainmatter, together with a group of sponsors, is working on an initiative to ship Embroider and secure the ecosystem’s investment in Ember.js.

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Custom Development

We develop complete apps with Ember so your team can focus on other initiatives. We are Ember experts and in fact have written and establishes important pieces of the Ember ecosystem ourselves. Our team delivers high quality codebases as well as the tooling and infrastructure needed for sustainable maintenance.

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Training and Support

Ember is getting easier and easier to adopt but it can appear a bit unfamiliar to people with backgrounds in other frontend technologies. Our trainers are world-class experts who have helped many international companies to build and scale up Ember teams.

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Team reinforcement

Our experts can merge with your in-house frontend team to ensure the timely delivery of mission-critical projects – be it delivering new initiatives or modernizing codebase without interrupting feature delivery. We’re more than hired hands – we mentor your team throughout the process to help lift productivity long after our collaboration ends.

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We love Open Source

  • Ember Simple Auth logo

    Ember Simple Auth

    Authentication management for Ember.js applications.

    View on GitHub
  • Ember Cookies logo

    Ember Cookies

    Cookie handling for Ember.js apps - in the browser and FastBoot.

    View on GitHub
  • Ember Test Selectors logo

    Ember Test Selectors

    Enabling better element selectors in Ember.js tests.

    View on GitHub
  • Qunit Dom logo

    Qunit Dom

    High Level DOM Assertions for QUnit with an expressive API.

    View on GitHub
  • Ember Promise Modals logo

    Ember Promise Modals

    The easy solution for rendering and handling modals in Ember.js apps. Promised.

    View on GitHub

Ember.js: The Documentary

Several of our team members appear in the Ember.js documentary. We were pleased to welcome the film crew at our office in Munich and again at EmberFest in Amsterdam.
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Our customers say about us

Mainmatter are well known as the Ember.js experts and they absolutely live up to the expectations. They had an immediate as well as significant positive impact on both our velocity and quality of output.”
Marc-Antoine Lacroix, Qonto CPO
”I've had the opportunity to work alongside the Mainmatter team on both their client-facing work for Cardstack and their open source contributions. They are experts in Ember and they are a team that takes good software-development practice seriously.”
Ed Faulkner, Cardstack Lead Developer and member of the Ember.js Steering Committee
”Mainmatter’s team is highly experienced and professional. They not only helped us develop the product but also mentored our internal team and introduced a number of improvements around infrastructure and processes along the way.”
Ronald Schild, Managing Director of MVB

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    January 30, 2024

    Automating the maintenance of the Ember Guides in French

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Check out our Ember.js videos on YouTube – including talks at EmberFest, Ember Europe, and more.

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