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Our Expertise: Svelte & SvelteKit

Svelte is the future of frontend development

Svelte combines a leading developer experience with performance and maintainability. With SvelteKit and its progressive enhancement capabilities, it's a fit for a wide range of use cases. Mainmatter is here to empower your team to fully realize those benefits in your web and backend projects.
Svelte & Mainmatter

A unique skillset

We’re frontend experts – our team speaks at international events, is actively contributing to a number of open source projects and our Svelte expert Paolo Ricciuti is a Svelte ambassador and the co-author of SvelteLab.

Mainmatter has been developing big web apps and mentored international teams around backend, frontend, design, as well as process and developer infrastructure for years. We know what it takes to connect everything together and deliver a delightful end-to-end experience.

Mainmatter is a Gold Sponsor of Svelte Summit Fall 2023

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Custom Development

We design and develop complete web apps in Svelte so your team can focus on other initiatives. We are experts in Svelte and SvelteKit as well as related technology like Tailwind, Storybook, and testing with Playwright etc. Our team delivers high quality codebases as well as the tooling and infrastructure needed for sustainable maintenance.

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Training and Support

Svelte has excellent documentation for diving straight into the framework. However, sometimes active learning in a workshop taught by a subject matter expert can accelerate the learning experience or help overcome challenges. Our trainers are world-class mentors and can design a learning path that best fits your needs.

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Team reinforcement

Svelte is still a young technology – hiring senior talent can be a challenge. Our experts can merge with your in-house product teams to ensure the timely delivery of mission-critical projects. We’re more than hired hands – we mentor your team throughout the process to help lift productivity long after our collaboration ends.

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Mainmatter enabled us to take our Product Development Organization to the next level. They work closely with our team and help us establish new practices while simultaneously delivering on our day to day product initiatives. Their technical and organizational expertise and fresh views allow us to set up the foundation for future success.
Jürgen Witte, CPO at Rail Europe

We love Open Source

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