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Assessments, transformation and scaling

Build a rock-solid strategy with reliable expertise at your side

Whether you’re building a product or a team from the ground up or scaling up, we can provide a valuable and experienced outside perspective. Our assessments can help you understand the status quo and identify bottlenecks. We’ll work with you to set a strategic roadmap for product engineering teams. At Mainmatter, we know how successful, international, modern teams operate and can work with you to get you there.
We’ll work with you to:


Assess the status quo via a thorough analysis of code, architecture, infrastructure, and processes, as well as interviews with stakeholders.


Prepare a roadmap for transforming the product development organization.


Guide your team through the transformation phase.

Mentoring & Training

At Mainmatter, we promise sustainable change. Our methods include mentoring, pair-programming, and reviews so every team we work with is more knowledgeable than when we started.
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Jürgen Witte
Mainmatter enabled us to take our Product Development Organization to the next level. They work closely with our team and help us establish new practices while simultaneously delivering on our day to day product initiatives. Their technical and organizational expertise and fresh views allow us to set up the foundation for future success.
Jürgen Witte, CPO @ Rail Europe
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