Exploring Fiberplane's 3-Year Rust Journey

Benno's picture on a gray background

Benno kicks off the interview by tracing his personal experience switching from .NET to Rust and the beginning of his career at Fiberplane. He then describes Fiberplane’s current offer, which includes a collaborative notebook product and an observability product, Autometrics.

Benno and Luca discuss Fiberplane’s reasons for choosing Rust and their experience thus far with the language. Benno highlights Rust's consistency in building API servers and frontend tools and emphasizes the importance of automation for the maintaince of large codebases. They also reflect on lessons learned from the challenges of working on Fiberplane’s codebase, citing monolithic structure and poor organization causing slow compile times.

Benno and Luca conclude the interview by delving into Benno’s tips for Rust job seekers from a recruiter’s perspective: he encourages collecting hands-on experience with Rust and embracing compiler errors as a guide while learning the language.

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