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anchorAbout Expedition

anchorExpedition is an online travel magazine for global citizens who want to experience world’s best destinations through the eyes of a local.

anchorShipping more with less

Their team needed help sharpening up their Ember.js client and fortifying their API, built with Elixir and Phoenix, so it could be extended with more advanced functionality in the future.

We reviewed Expedition's codebase and identified a number of issues that we presented along with background information and severity assessments for prioritization.

We built prototype implementations for a number of advanced features in Expedition's system. We were able to deliver clean and concise code thanks to the capabilities of Elixir and Phoenix.

anchorMainmatter is a Founding sponsor of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

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anchorOptimizing for stability and resilience

We recommended Ember.js as a stable foundation that would support the project for years to come. We completed the prototype implementation of the architecture in just over six weeks, defining the structure for the application and establishing good patterns. That prototype laid the foundation for subsequent engineering efforts taken on by embeDD's in-house engineering team.

anchorGrowing into the future

Beyond our foundational work, we armed Expedition’s team with further information to enable them to confidently build upon what we’d established. We gave them strategies for tackling their core issues so they could address problems before they turned into roadblocks.

[Mainmatter] brought wisdom, flexibility, and sane solutions when facing complex problems. They went above and beyond to work with our unique situation - would recommend 1000x.
Bryan Langslet, Expedition CEO

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