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Learn practical improvements to help your team tap into its full potential, and set up the infrastructure and practices that are the foundation for sustainable development.

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Masterclass with Marco Otte-Witte

The three pillars of effective digital product development

Marco Otte-Witte shares best practices for digital product development in the areas of planning and preparation, process and collaboration, as well as infrastructure and practices.

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Blog post

The guide to making remote work work

Remote work is here to stay. In this guide, we share techniques to make it efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

Expert insights

Our interview series goes behind-the-scenes into what successful product development practices look like from tech and startup insiders’ perspectives.

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Built to Last #13: Expert insights

Alaina Percival, CEO and Co-Founder of Women Who Code

Alaina talks about the importance of diversity in the workplace and women's role in the tech field.

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Built to Last #12: Expert insights

Louise Deverell-Smith, Founder of Daisy Chain

Louise shares her experience working with a partner for digital product development as a founder when lacking expertise in that field.

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Built to Last #11: Expert insights

Kenneth Larsen, Engineering Manager at CLARK

Kenneth explains his role at CLARK and gives us tips on making remote teams connect.

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Built to Last #10: Expert insights

Daniel Beutler, Executive Coach and Advisor

Daniel talks about accepting the necessity for change in a growing company to ensure the business keeps scaling.

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Built to Last #9: Expert insights

Melanie Aronson, Founder of Panion

Melanie shares her experience of educating herself and learning the processes of product development in order to hire the right people.

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Built to Last #8: Expert insights

Roman Leuprecht, co-founder of Uniki

Roman shares his thoughts on the right approach to feature planning and the importance of getting feedback early on in the development process.

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Built to Last #7: Expert insights

Yoran Brondsema, co-founder and CTO of Sutori

When building large web apps, minimize accidental complexity. Yoran shares how Ember.js became an obvious choice for Sutori from both a business and productivity lens.

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Built to Last #6: Expert insights

Khalid Maliki, co-founder of Tykn

Khalid shares how he empowers his team to feel ownership over their work. This includes encouraging everyone to set their own goals and celebrating both achievements and failures.

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Built to Last #5: Expert insights

Aymeric Augustin, CTO of Qonto

Aymeric talks about how he views Qonto as a pipeline that takes input, runs a value-adding process, and puts the output in the hand of their customers.

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Built to Last #4: Expert insights

Peter Arnold, CEO and co-founder of EnterAnGo

A conversation with the co-founder of a business travel management tool on the challenges around planning and feature time estimation.

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Built to Last #3: Expert insights

Joel Kelly, founder & CEO of Eve

Coming from the event industry, Joel hits the nail right on the head: "It is fundamental that the engineering and product development team are working together really closely [...] so they can adapt quickly to what's going on."

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Built to Last #2: Expert insights

Karol Domagalski, founder & CEO of Upfit

"Invest in your own company, in your own people, and help them grow. Sparring and mentorship inside the company are super important." shares Karol, founder of a 100% bootstrapped company.

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Built to Last #1: Expert insights

Christina Roizheim, co-founder of not less but better

"Pressure doesn't solve problems" – a powerful takeaway from the co-founder of not less but better, an app that helps you overcome bad habits through techniques from behavioral psychology.

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Failing (and winning) at planning software projects

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