Training & Support : Raise confidence and increase productivity

Approaching new technologies or solving long-standing impediments can be overwhelming at times. We train and tutor engineering teams to set them up for long term success.

We share our expertise in a wide range of topics, from languages and frameworks to architecture and process best practices—all aimed at making your teams execute more confidently and achieve their goals.

Tailor-made trainings and support for engineers

From introductory workshops on frameworks like Ember.js or Phoenix, to advanced classes on distributed systems design, authentication, deployment or scalability, we host tailor-made training courses that suit the needs of your individual teams.

Workshops and in-house masterclasses

We conduct individual or group workshops for our clients to bring their teams up to speed with particular technologies quickly and enable them to complete ambitious projects with confidence.

Code reviews & audits

We execute code reviews for various international clients to identify technical problems, provide an explanation, and suggest a pragmatic path forward.

Tailor-made solutions

The needs of every team are unique, and so are our tutoring and training solutions. We cover technology stacks from Ruby on Rails to Ember.js and Elixir/Phoenix.

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