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Workshop: 1 day

A taste of Rust

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  1. anchorStructs

    Structs are the building blocks of Rust programs. We'll cover how to define structs, how to implement methods on them, and how to manage their visibility across modules.

  2. anchorEnums

    Rust's enums are extremely powerful: each variant can have its own data! They're an excellent tool for modelling state machines, such as our tasks. We'll cover how to define enums, how to implement methods on them, and how to leverage pattern matching when working with them.

  3. anchorOwnership

    Ownership is Rust's most distinctive feature. It's what makes Rust code safe and performant. We'll cover how ownership works, how it impacts the way we write code, and how to leverage it to avoid unnecessary memory allocations.

  4. anchorTraits

    Traits are Rust's way of defining interfaces. We'll cover how to define traits, how to implement them for structs and enums, and how to use traits to write generic code. We'll also cover common traits from the standard library (e.g. `Debug`, `Display`, `Clone`, `PartialEq`) and how to derive them automatically.

  5. anchorData structures

    The Rust standard library provides a few key data structures that are used everywhere. We'll zoom in on `Vec` and `HashMap` as our reference examples. We'll review where they fit and how to leverage them in our code.

  6. anchorCLI applications

    As a capstone exercise, we'll build a small command-line application to expose our task management functionality. You'll learn how to parse command-line arguments and the difference between library and binary crates.

anchorYour mentor

Luca Palmieri

Luca Palmieri

Principal Engineering Consultant

Luca Palmieri builds technology products for a living. His current focus is on backend development, software architecture and the Rust programming language. He is the author of "Zero to Production in Rust".

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