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Effective Git

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Delivery pipelines

Highly integrated and automated infrastructure and workflows are the foundation that successful engineering teams excel on and Git is what drives them at their core. We look at branching models, Pull Request based workflows, and reviewing.


Git fundamentals

Once we understand how Git fits in to the bigger picture, we'll look into how it works at its core and the building blocks it consists of. We cover what blobs, trees and snapshots are to better understand how they represent a repo's history over time.


Branching and merging

Git makes branching easy and cheap, and working with Git means constantly switching between branches and merging them back together. We look at common branching and merging scenarios to understand what fast-forward merges and 3-way merges are.


Rewriting history

Keeping a clean history and organizing commits in meaningful ways is essential for efficient collaboration on code bases. We cover (interactive) rebasing and rewriting history including squashing, editing and dropping commits.



Sometimes it's hard to find the change that introduced a particular defect. Git Bisect can be of great help in identifying the respective commit. We look at how bisecting works and how it can be used to save a lot of time in common scenarios.


Open Q&A

We reserve some time in the end to discuss your team's specific questions relating to Git or infrastructure, tooling and automation around it.

Your mentors

Chris Manson

Senior Engineering Consultant

Chris has had a long history with version control systems, with his very first Open Source experience being involved in the transition of the massive KDE codebase from CVS to Git. These days Chris is deeply involved in the JAM Stack movement, giving him a new outlet for his love for Git.

Marco Otte-Witte

Founder and Managing Director at Mainmatter

Marco has been working in tech with startups and enterprises for 2 decades. He's helped companies bring relevant products to market in various industries – among them Blackberry, Generali and Experteer.

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Our mentors look forward to working with your team and unlocking new capabilities.
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