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Workshop: 4 days

Learn Rust, starting from scratch

Bookable for teams – on-site or remote

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  1. anchorThe toolbox

    We will cover the tools that every Rust developer should have in their toolbox: rustup (toolchain management), cargo (build system and package manager), clippy (linter), rustfmt (formatter), and rustdoc (documentation generator).

  2. anchorThe language

    We will cover in detail the core constructs of the Rust language: syntax, control flow, pattern matching, type system (traits), ownership and borrowing, polymorphism (generics and trait objects), closures and `Fn*` traits, and panics.

  3. anchorThe standard library

    Writing Rust programs is significantly easier if you have mastered the standard library. We will cover the most important parts of the standard library, including: primitive types, strings and string slices, collections and iterators, conversion traits, smart pointers (Box, Arc, Rc), nullability handling (Option), error handling (Result), and concurrency primitives (threads, channels, locks).

  4. anchorTesting

    We will build up your Rust's testing toolkit. We will start from scratch, with your first unit test. By the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the available test types, the best practices in terms of test organization as well as their runtime implications. You will be well equipped for the testing challenges ahead of you!

  5. anchorAsync Rust

    We will cover the basics of asynchronous programming in Rust, including: the Future trait, async functions, the .await operator, spawning tasks, an overview of tokio (the most popular async runtime in Rust), as well as common pitfalls.

anchor Your mentor

Luca Palmieri

Luca Palmieri

Principal Engineering Consultant

Luca Palmieri builds technology products for a living. His current focus is on backend development, software architecture and the Rust programming language. He is the author of "Zero to Production in Rust".

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