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Workshop: 2-3 days, on-site or remote

Web-based Services in Rust

Stefan Baumgartner

Stefan Baumgartner

Architect and Independent Trainer

Stefan Baumgartner is an architect and developer based in Austria who specializes in serverless technologies. He has authored two books on TypeScript and is also the organizer of the Rust Linz meetup.

anchorWorkshop overview

  1. Tokio, Hyper, and Axum

    We will begin by setting up a web server for our web application using the Axum framework, which is built on top of Tokio and Hyper. We will learn about the FromRequest and IntoResponse traits, Extractors, Routers, and how to connect JSON serialization and deserialization. If time permits, we will also create a web socket connection for our clients.

  2. Tower and Middlewares

    We will expand our application by creating middleware layers that handle crucial aspects such as sessions, authentication, timeouts, and compression. We will not only apply built-in middlewares but also create our own by implementing Tower's Service trait and learning more about futures and async.

  3. Tracing, Logging, and Testing

    In the final part, we will examine how to gain insights into our application's behavior and perform performance and correctness tests. Ultimately, we will be able to publish our application on AWS, Shuttle, and other services.

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