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The Ember Initiative

Mainmatter, together with a group of sponsors, is working on the Ember initiative – a permanent effort to advance the Ember ecosystem and secure its members' investments in Ember.js. We build on top of the success of the Embroider initiative.

Why Sponsor?

Companies that have invested into Ember depend on the healthiness and longevity of the ecosystem. They cannot risk Ember becoming legacy technology, requiring expensive rewrites in the worst case. Supporting the Ember initiative for them means securing much larger investments they have made in the technology. Depending on the sponsorship tier, sponsors further benefit from regular office hours and pairing sessions, as well as being able to contribute to the initiative's quarterly roadmap. Contact us to get on board!

The Embroider initiative was supported by a large group of individuals and companies that build on Ember

Join the Ember Initiative!

Sponsor the Ember Initiative, allowing our team to work on Ember full time, and secure the future of Ember and your investment in it.
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We upgrade clients' apps to Embroider and Vite – get instant rebuilds while your team stays focused on shipping business value!
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