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We switch Ember apps to Vite ⚡

We are the team behind the Embroider initiative

Mainmatter upgrades Ember apps to Embroider and Vite, reducing rebuild times from several seconds to instant. We plan and execute the roadmap to Vite step-by-step, ensuring the work doesn't interfere with your team's feature delivery.

Gain without pain

Following the successful Embroider initative, a path was opened to build Ember apps with Vite. This allows for instant rebuilds where teams are currently struggling from build times of multiple seconds that are affecting efficiency and velocity.

Graphic showing build times using classic builds
Graphic showing build times using vite

Yet, switching to Vite may be challenging due to outdated Ember versions, addons, or patterns. Also, assigning teams to prioritize such upgrades, at the expense of slowing down feature work, is a tough sell at most companies, often leading to these tasks being neglected. Mainmatter is uniquely positioned to take on projects like that, with years of Ember experience and numerous upgrade projects under our belt. As the team behind the Embroider initiative, we understand the necessary changes, how to implement them for minimal disruption, and how to avoid potential issues.

We’ll work with you to:


Assess the status quo of your codebase and develop a roadmap towards Embroider, and eventually Vite.


Implement the roadmap in small increments to avoid disrupting your team's workflow.


As we introduce new patterns and dependencies, we will mentor your team to ensure they follow these changes.

Get your app on Vite!

Benefit from instant rebuilds while your teams stays focused on delivering business value.
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