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Rust is a competitive advantage

Rust checks all the boxes – performance, efficiency, maintainability, and great developer experience. Mainmatter is here to empower your team to fully realize those benefits in your web and backend projects.

We're making a strategic bet on Rust

Rust & Mainmatter

A unique skillset

We’re experts - our Rust team is led by Luca Palmieri, author of "Zero to Production in Rust", and we have been part of the Rust ecosystem for years, helping out the project.

But we don't stop at Rust – we have developed big web apps and mentored teams on backend, frontend, design, as well as process and developer infrastructure for years. We know what it takes to connect everything together and deliver a delightful end-to-end experience.

Mainmatter is a Silver Member of the Rust Foundation

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We run EuroRust

In 2024, EuroRust will be back on October 10th and 11th in Vienna, Austria as well as online. We'll have 2 days of talks with a main track as well as a side track for the first time this year. Plus, there'll be workshops on the day before the main conference, room for people to get together and hack on their favorite projects during the conference, as well as an after party on Friday night.

Join us in Vienna for 2 days of celebrating the European Rust community

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Our EuroRust partners are betting on Rust

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Is Rust the right choice for us?

Every new technology brings its own risks - Rust is no exception. Luca Palmieri, the author of Zero to Production in Rust and our in-house Rust expert, is here to help your team. You walk him through your company's usecase and your requirements and he’ll do his best to suggest the best course of action. Sometimes Rust is not the answer, but if it is, he’ll make sure you are on the right track.

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Custom Development

We develop complete web and cloud apps with Rust so your team can focus on other initiatives. We have experience with all relevant crates like actix, axum, tokio, hyper, and more – and in fact teach others how to use those. Our team delivers high quality codebases as well as the tooling and infrastructure needed for sustainable maintenance.

Training and Support

There is excellent material out there for learning Rust on your own. But you might not have the luxury of time, or the in-house expertise, to upskill your entire team or overcome obstacles on your own. Our trainers are world-class experts and can design a learning path that best fits your needs.

Team augmentation

Rust is a young technology – hiring Senior talent can be a challenge. Our experts can merge with your in-house product teams to ensure the timely delivery of mission-critical projects. We’re more than hired hands – we mentor your team throughout the process to help lift productivity long after our collaboration ends.

Listen to our customers

  • aleph alpha logo
    ”Working with Mainmatter's experts has been a great experience. They helped us develop a state-of-the-art data pipeline, mentored our internal team and introduced several improvements around our Rust code and infrastructure along the way. I've learned so much, especially during our pairing sessions—it allowed me to improve my technical skills and grow as an engineer.”
    Andreas Hartel, Senior Engineer at aleph alpha
  • Qonto logo
    ”Working with Mainmatter's experts has always been a good experience. We can really feel that they have mastery on many topics, and knowledge about complex technical problems. I’ve learned so much, especially during our pairing sessions, and it allows me to improve my technical skills and growth as an engineer.”
    Alexandre Monjol, Engineer at Qonto
  • Trainline logo
    ”We started working with simplabs to build a state-of-the-art mobile web app from the ground up and it was an absolute success! Not only are they web specialists, but their expertise in development practices and agile processes made our collaboration an absolute delight.”
    Carl Anderson, General Manager at Trainline Europe

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