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Nick Schot

Senior Software Engineer


Making your dynamic Ember components work with Embroider

Embroider is the future for building Ember apps. It unlocks features like splitting code per route by statically analyzing your codebase and dependencies. But what if you are using an addon that relies on dynamic components? This blog post will outline how we converted ember-promise-modals to be compatible with Embroider's route-splitting feature. ember-promise-modals is an Ember addon that allows you to dynamically render modals from your javascript code.


An intro to animating with the Web Animations API

Animations can be a useful tool to enhance the user experience on the web. Aside from providing an appealing visual experience, animations can aid in the user's understanding of elements appearing, moving and disappearing from a page. This blog post will provide a short overview of the status quo of animating the web and take an initial look at the current capabilities of the Web Animations API.

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